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J. Nichole

A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me

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That smile made Skylar feel like she was wrapped in a warm hug, like she was secure.

She was inspired, motivated to move out of her comfort zone.

With just one look from Lo, Skylar felt like the sexiest woman alive.

Lo was proving to be the love Skylar hadn’t realized she deserved.

But there was only one thing Skylar didn’t expect — Lo, was a girl like her.

I imagined her life being everything she wanted it to be. But I asked, “Is there anything you’re missing?” She nodded her head. “And what’s that?” I asked.

“The one desire that is the common thread of us all.” She looked up from her plate and directly into my eyes and said, “Love.” Our eyes stayed connected for a beat too long, and I felt her energy. “It’s simple, but with love even a poor woman with no possessions has it all.”

“Have you experienced a love like that yet? One that transcends all your troubles?” She shook her head, and I asked myself the same thing; I hadn’t. I’d had a couple of long-term relationships, been committed to a few guys without an official title, dated multiple dudes, but I still hadn’t found that thing I heard people talk about. That love that’s patient, never failing, kind, the type of love the Bible talks about.

Lo’s phone vibrated on the table and she looked down. “I have to make a call soon, but this was nice. I kinda don’t want it to end.”

“Same,” I said, but something about how she said it felt different.


What are readers saying? 

"This was my first time reading a story about lesbian women that wasn't based on sex. I loved Lo so much!"

"This story pulled me in and it was refreshing to see love win!! The decision to choose love despite of was heart warming."

"If I good have given this book 10 stars I would have done so gladly. I throughly enjoyed every single aspect of this. The storyline, the characters were just beautiful and loveable and the love could have been felt from the moment they met. This one is definitely a good recommended read. Definitely reading more from this author.


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