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J. Nichole

A Touchdown for Christmas The Rookies Book 4

A Touchdown for Christmas The Rookies Book 4

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Finally, Gigi gets her happily ever after.

When Gigi thinks it is over, she gets a second chance at love.

All it takes is a cheating fiancé and a night in a bar.

For their Christmas wedding, Angelo will ensure she gets everything she deserves.

Even if that means what she deserves is nothing she planned.

This Christmas Novella is a follow-up story to Love Blitz.

“But honey, sneezing throughout your reception will not be ideal.” The florist pointed to the tears dripping from my eyes. “Ruin your makeup, redden your eyes.” He shook his head. “Not on my watch.” “Mine either.” Angelo looked down at me. “White will be fine.” He pointed to the gold flower stand. “That little thing is cool.” He tilted his head to the side. “Kinda cute.” He looked at me. “Cool, right?” My eyes fluttered and I hunched my shoulders. “Yeah, it’ll work.”

The florist cringed and said, “If it won’t make you beam on your special day, it’s a no go.” He shook his head from side to side. “Finding something that’ll work is risky at this point. Could cost a bit more to get the flowers here in time, but I’m willing if it’ll make you smile.” 

I cringed and shook my head. The wedding and reception already cost us our first-born child. “No, it’s fine.” My shoulders sank. “We can do the white flowers and the flower stand.” 

“You kidding me? My credit card is already hot. The Isaacs will be beaming on Christmas.” Angelo pulled me to his side and emphasized, “You hear me?”

I would have fought him on it. Told him it wasn’t that serious. But it felt like it was. Like, after all it took to get us to the day, it was only right. Every detail had to be perfect. It was part of the plan. I wanted the plan to complete, unlike it did before. So, I sighed and said, “Okay.” I nodded my head. “Let’s beam.” My smile lifted and so did Angelo’s. 

“You heard the lady.” Angelo looked at the florist. “Make us beam.” 

What are readers saying? 

"J. Nichole, I don't know the words to honestly describe my feelings for this book. I enjoyed every moment of this story. Cameron and MaKenna are a great couple. This story had drama, plots and twists and the best part of all love. You captured this love story and made me a believer that love can trump any obstacle that comes your way. This is a great read. I love the way you embrace love in your writing." - Amazon Reviewer

"I really enjoyed this catch up and finale on Angelo and Gigi. They are so cute together and I love how he always reassured her whenever she started spiraling and that he called an audible to make their big day a success. This was a very cute short read and I would recommend it with the rest of the series." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Great follow-up to this amazing couple! I loved their original story and this novella was just enough to get us all caught up on this beautiful couple. Glad to see they got a happy ending a little more in the end 🥰" - Amazon Reviewer

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