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J. Nichole



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Dear #FutureHusband, always kiss me like it’s our first time.

Anaya went on many dates, kissed many frogs, and none turned into her prince. But each did leave her with post-worthy rants to her future husband.

She met a guy who didn't want to travel.

Dear #FutureHusband, I hope your passport is ready.

She met a man who had questionable political opinions.

Dear #FutureHusband, we don’t have to agree on everything, but we have to be on the same political team.

Then she met Russell who seemed to be the future husband she posted about.

Russell, on the other hand, was heartbroken — by his fiancé and baby mama — and was determined to stay single.

He preferred meeting random women, and enjoyed one night stands, over being vulnerable in a committed relationship.

Could Anaya be the woman to heal his broken heart?

“I love you, Anaya.”

I coughed because that caught me off guard. I didn’t expect the first time he told me to be over the phone. I was thinking about telling him soon, but he beat me to it.


He told me not to overthink it and just roll with it. Said he didn’t want to wait to tell me.

“You’re right, I’ve learned that life is unexpected and we shouldn’t put off anything.” I thought about my next words carefully as he tried to tell me goodnight. “Wait, I love you too, Russell.”

Dear #FutureHusband, let’s act like teenagers and stay up all night on the phone if we are ever apart.


What are readers saying? 

"I’m so upset with myself, I tried to avoid reading this book. But, look what happened. I ended up loving it! This was truly a wonderful read, Anaya and Russell’s relationship started off as him being her client then it bloomed from there...Veronica got what she deserved, absolutely nothing! Had communicated her feelings maybe she and Russell would have lasted. One woman’s garbage is another woman’s blessing. Every relationship takes work. I absolutely loved their friendship circle."

"Speak it into the universe. Love is great when you find the right person. There will be ups and downs, but love wins."

"I am so happy I discovered this author and book. I could not put this down until I finished reading it. Being from the DMV myself, I appreciated the lingo and references to the clubs and restaurants that I visit. Now off to read other books from this author."


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