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J. Nichole

His Missed Shot: LA Stars Book 2

His Missed Shot: LA Stars Book 2

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When Chloe moved to LA, she wasn't trying to meet a star or become one.

While working for a famous chef, Chloe made a delivery to Chris' house. Although he had the physique, the face, and that devilish grin that made her want to spread open for him on the counter - he was a client. And she was strictly forbidden from fraternizing with clients.

Chris made it to the NBA and already had one championship ring. Finding a woman to settle down with wasn't exactly what he wanted. But he saw her in his kitchen. Then his main concern was no longer winning another championship. It quickly became convincing her that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

Will Chloe give him a chance to shoot his shot - or will she be working hard on her defense?

Thankfully, I found the kitchen, past the expansive living room with the massive television mounted on the wall. It was surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and was reminiscent of kitchens I’d only seen on HGTV, the ones where the designer went all out for the owners who seemingly worked as teachers and artists. I rolled my eyes as I reached the subzero refrigerator. “What’s the use of this if they don’t even cook?” I mumbled to myself as I placed the bags on the counter beside it and started unloading the containers, organizing them on the empty shelf.

“What are you doing in my house?” I heard the deep voice behind me, and I stood still, as if my presence would go unnoticed. Like I’d somehow disappear into some realm beyond the refrigerator doors. “Hey, I’m talking to you. What are you doing here? Do I need to call the cops?” His voice was louder, getting closer, as I slowly turned with my hands in the air. A burglar stealing, what? Eggs?

“I’m just dropping your food delivery, sir,” I said with a shaky voice.

Then our eyes connected, but as soon as they did he was buckled over in laughter. My shaking hands and thumping heart couldn’t fathom what was so fucking funny. But my mouth couldn’t even form the question.

“Wait, you aren’t the normal delivery guy,” he said after his laughter subsided. 


What are readers saying? 

"If you love, love like me then this is a must read. This is book two of the series and the LA Stars players are turning out to be even better off the court. Book two was great and I love how Chris and Chloe's story played out. Just remember dreams are real and all you have to do is just believe." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Thank you, J. Nichole for bringing your characters to life. The humor, fun, sweetness, and drama is so entertaining. I can’t wait to start on book three." - Amazon Reviewer 

"This was such a great romance. A little drama and full of love ❤️. I really enjoyed the family in this story as well. Ms Nichole, you are a great writer. Your stories brighten my day and keep me interested at night. I am looking forward to book 3." - Amazon Reviewer 

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