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J. Nichole

His Only Shot: LA Stars Book 3

His Only Shot: LA Stars Book 3

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Dante would be there for her even if it meant missing his basketball game and getting fined.
He'd always been there for her.
Even after Ranae married her high school sweetheart — Dante called every year to wish her a happy birthday.

When she answered the phone crying, he was willing to drop everything to ensure she was okay.

After all, they had been best friends since childhood.

When he learns the reason for her tears, it could change their lives forever.

His Only Shot is a friends to lovers sports romance.

Thankfully, when her mama answered the door though, all she did was fling her arms around my neck and whisper, “Thank God.” 

As she pulled away I asked, “Is Nae home?” And suddenly I felt like a kid again. The few times I tempted the long bike ride from my house to hers, in the middle of the summer.

“She is, come on in, DJ,” she said with a smile and didn’t look like she was even about to question why I was at her house. “I’ll grab her.”

As she walked down the hallway, I looked around. The house had changed many times over when I was a kid and looked the same. Although it had changed again since the last time I saw it, it was still familiar. I was looking at a framed picture of Nae on their mantel when I heard, “DJ, what the hell?” from behind me.

I turned and saw Nae, hands on her hips, head cocked to the side, and instead of being worried about her little mean face, I smiled. “Happy birthday.”

She rolled her eyes like she was mad, but she couldn’t hide her smile and the dimples that were giving it away. “I can’t believe you.”

I hunched my shoulders and told her, “Your birthday won’t be ruined on my watch.” I flung my arms open and hoped she’d stop being fake mad long enough to walk into them. She shook her head for a minute, but finally made her way toward me.

What are readers saying? 

"I must say I loved all 3 books. My favorite is this one book 3. I love the relationship between DJ and Nae. I feel like I didn't miss one part of their relationship. It was so sweet and full of love I couldn't stop reading. I almost felt like a character in the story, like a relative or close friend. Ms Nichole. You have a new fan. I am going to read all of your books!!! You definitely make love a beautiful thing in your stories."- Amazon Reviewer

"Friendship in a relationship is beautiful. To find a friend in a lover is a good thing. Nae had me on edge going back and forth with her heart instead of allowing it to lead her in the right direction. What a beautiful ending to the LA Stars series. Read it, you'll enjoy it. Purchase the series, you won't be disappointed." - Amazon Reviewer

"I loved everything about this story. The characters were great. The story line was awesome and the book flowed effortlessly. Would definitely recommend." - Amazon Reviewer

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