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J. Nichole

Love 101 Follow Up Bundle

Love 101 Follow Up Bundle

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💕Creative Love
He saw forever.

She saw a one night stand.

When Nicole met Bryan, she thought he would be just another one night stand. They were just alike so they understood the rules.

Love them and leave them.

Never commit.

Until he met her, and the rules changed. With her, he wanted more than just one night.

🏃🏾‍♀️Running from Love
You can build a wall around your heart —
But the right person can tear it down.

After spending years with the wrong man, Jennifer is finally ready to meet Mr. Right. But the dating scene is bleak. The latest dating app may be her only hope. She’ll need energy for the speed dating that’s required to make a match.

Maybe a cup of coffee will do…

👀 Unexpected
You make time for what you want in life —
Especially love.

Could she be convinced that this was true?

If Monica wanted to be a top notch doctor she didn’t have time for a relationship, at least not while she finished medical school. Instead her nights were filled with fantasies of the married man she worked with during the day. Because with him, she knew there could be no relationship in real life.

Then she met Nick.

He served her up a glass of wine and a body full of attraction. With goals of opening a bar of his own he was occupied. But he wasn’t too busy for love.

Chapter 1 Look Inside

"You'll find any excuse to stay single. The right girl will come along and turn your world upside down.” He pauses. “Again.” I ignore his comment, surely in reference to Shelby. Her name alone, invading my thoughts, makes me cringe after all these years.

I let the thoughts of her drift away in the lukewarm shower, another reason my apartment hunt has to be successful. I miss hot showers. Climbing out of the shower, I make an executive decision to boycott the subway. Public transportation will be the one thing I hate about city living. My Audi A5 is sitting in my driveway back in Tennessee but will probably have to stay right there. I download the Moovn app Laila mentioned to schedule a pick up. I also send a text to Jenna asking for her address.

My Moovn driver arrives and gets me to her place a few minutes shy of the hour I promised. When she opens the door my eyes scan her body. She isn't hiding the reason she summoned me to her apartment. With a silk robe over her body, her perky nipples reveal she's bare beneath the robe. I reach out and brush my hand across her chin. "Can I come in?" She nods her head and opens the door for me to walk through.

I walk, from memory, to her bed. Standing at the footboard, I turn around and admire the rest of the studio. In the light, I'm able to see the galley kitchen against the wall, and a small couch sits alone near the window. Jenna steps in front of me and de-robes, taking my attention away from her bare apartment. Again my eyes scan her body, this time in its naked form.

For a woman who sits at a desk most of the day, her body is in phenomenal shape. A cross encircled by roses flanks her stomach. She takes a deep breath as I trace her tattoo with the tip of my finger. Leaning into her, I encircle her lips, biting her bottom lip and licking the inside of her mouth. I grab a handful of her coils, pulling her closer to me, and her hard nipples insult my chest.

I pull apart and whisper, "Is this why you wanted me to come over," into her ear. She steps away from me and stares into my eyes. She nods. Intertwining her fingers with mine, I look down at the connection. Our fingers overlapping, both golden brown, only her manicured nails set our hands apart. She guides me to the bed, laying down in front of me. She reaches for my pants, unbuckling them as I step out of my boots. My pants drop below my waist as I pull my shirt over my head.

Jenna reaches up and wraps her hands around my forearms, pulling softly but aggressively. I lay on top of her and reach my fingers between her legs. She's ready. But instead of indulging, I kiss her neck, then her nipples. Licking my tongue into her belly button I continue my expedition down her stomach, stopping at the crutch of her pussy. I look up at her and beyond the humps of her chest I see her squirm, her head moving side to side as I breathe onto her clit.

I open her folds and lick between them as I listen to Jenna moan. Her moans grow louder with each flick of my tongue. When her legs begin to dance, flapping side to side, I climb her body. Beside her pillow I grab the condom she placed knowingly. Rolling it on before she loses her climax, I thrust inside of her. Her hips rise to meet mine.

Unlike our first night where I fucked her hard and quick, I'm taking my time. Her hands roam my chest. She pushes me off her and in one swift move she mounts me. I let her take control but use my hands to guide her hips to bring the amount of friction I need to cum.

With my eyes half open and my jaw tense, I watch her closely, waiting for her to ride herself to ecstasy. Eyes closed and mouth parted her head flings back and that's when I know it's coming. I hold her hips and push into her once, then again. Her body quivers as I clinch my mouth and my dick pulsates inside of her. She collapses onto my chest, her breathing erratic. I wrap my arms around her, holding her tight. With my nose buried into her coils, the colorful art on the wall beside me catches my eye. I need to tell her this is the last time. Instead of verbalizing the obvious, I clear my throat and say, "I need to get out of here."

She rolls onto the mattress, reaching for the sheet to cover her body. With her hand raised, she waves her fingers. Jenna stretches out with the manufactured art as her backdrop. While pulling my shirt over my head I ask, "Can I replace that piece?"

She looks behind her and says, "That one?" While pointing to the piece on the wall, I nod my head.

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"No offense to you," I take Bryan in from his sly smile to his broad shoulders and skin that reminds me of cinnamon, "but I can't believe Laila is leaving me to her boyfriend's brother." 

Chris apologizes again.  I cut my eyes at him.

"Tickets from Atlanta aren't cheap.  Who knows the next time I'll be in New York to visit her ass."  I finally finished my degree from Lee in the spring.  I didn't necessarily want to return to Atlanta but couldn't pass up the opportunity to work for the Taylor Corporation. 

After my roommates watched me cross the stage, the last of the four of us to graduate, we promised we'd make our rounds to visit each other.  Laila in New York, Jennifer in Texas, and Monica in California for her medical program.  Getting around to each of them won’t be cheap.   

"You're here now.  Might as well make the best of it."  Bryan walks toward me with his hand outstretched.  I take his hand in mine and the warmth from his palm calms my level of pissivity. 

I take a deep breath and say, "What the hell.  Might as well."

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eBooks included in Bundle:

☑️ Creative Love  

☑️ Running from Love  

☑️ Unexpected  

What are readers saying? 

"This was a great read. It had the ups and downs but a good friendship that was enjoyable and I think the author did a good job of showing how to follow your passion. It gave me a lot to think about in life. LIVE❤️"

"The author did a splendid job in creating a story that showcases the growth of two individuals, Bryan and Nicole, who transition from physical desires to mature love."

"Nice read. Her characters were funny and likeable. Ready to read the other ladies' stories. I can't wait to read more from this author."

"I just completely loved this book it swept me up in the pages and took me away. "

"I loved this book. Jennifer felt like such a real person. Too often, I read books where the characters aren't as developed."

"Once I got into the book, I couldn't put it down."

"Reading about the life of a busy resident and a sexy bartender who couldn't figure things out definitely felt relatable in a Grey's anatomy type way. This was a sweet love story and my first book by the author."

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