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J. Nichole

Love 101 Follow Up Bundle (eBook)

Love 101 Follow Up Bundle (eBook)

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About this eBook bundle: 

This bundle includes all THREE books of the Love 101 Follow Up: 

☑️ Creative Love  

☑️ Running from Love  

☑️ Unexpected 


What are readers saying? 

"This was a great read. It had the ups and downs but a good friendship that was enjoyable and I think the author did a good job of showing how to follow your passion. It gave me a lot to think about in life. LIVE❤️"

"The author did a splendid job in creating a story that showcases the growth of two individuals, Bryan and Nicole, who transition from physical desires to mature love."

"Nice read. Her characters were funny and likeable. Ready to read the other ladies' stories. I can't wait to read more from this author."

"I just completely loved this book it swept me up in the pages and took me away. "

"I loved this book. Jennifer felt like such a real person. Too often, I read books where the characters aren't as developed."

"Once I got into the book, I couldn't put it down."

"Reading about the life of a busy resident and a sexy bartender who couldn't figure things out definitely felt relatable in a Grey's anatomy type way. This was a sweet love story and my first book by the author."

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Creative Love

He saw forever.

She saw a one night stand.

When Nicole met Bryan, she thought he would be just another one night stand. They were just alike so they understood the rules.

Love them and leave them.

Never commit.

Until he met her, and the rules changed. With her, he wanted more than just one night.

Running from Love

You can build a wall around your heart —

But the right person can tear it down.

After spending years with the wrong man, Jennifer is finally ready to meet Mr. Right. But the dating scene is bleak. The latest dating app may be her only hope. She’ll need energy for the speed dating that’s required to make a match.

Maybe a cup of coffee will do…


You make time for what you want in life —

Especially love.

Could she be convinced that this was true?

If Monica wanted to be a top notch doctor she didn’t have time for a relationship, at least not while she finished medical school. Instead her nights were filled with fantasies of the married man she worked with during the day. Because with him, she knew there could be no relationship in real life.

Then she met Nick.

He served her up a glass of wine and a body full of attraction. With goals of opening a bar of his own he was occupied. But he wasn’t too busy for love.

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