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J. Nichole

Love 101 Series Bundle

Love 101 Series Bundle

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❤️Freshmen Fifteen
Of all the lessons to learn in college —
Who to love and who to avoid is one of the toughest.

When Laila met Chris at a frat party she should have stayed away. What could a senior want with a freshman anyway? Trouble?

Not exactly. Chris was sort of a playboy. But for Laila, he didn’t want to play games.

Can Laila and Chris become college sweethearts? Or will this be a failed test for Laila?

💋Sophisticated Sophomore
Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Or does it?

Chris has graduated, and moved on from their college town leaving Laila to her sophomore year — alone.

Old crushes, crazy exes, and college life all are at play in this second book of the Love 101 series.

☀️Summer Fling
Single and ready to mingle —

At least that’s what Laila had planned for her summer after Sophomore year.

Months after her breakup with Chris, Laila is finally ready to test the dating scene. An alum from her university, an NFL football player, and her hometown crush are all in the running for next boyfriend.

Can a summer fling turn into her main thing?

👠 Grown & Sexy Senior
Finding a job after college is usually the biggest challenge for a college senior.

For Laila, she’ll also have to decide if she wants to be with her hometown crush — Josh, or her college sweetheart — Chris.

She could find a job back at home and make things work with Josh who has always been there for her. Or she could move to New York for her dream job and her dream man, Chris.

🏈 Homecoming
Ten years later she's headed back to campus for homecoming. Ready to connect with her homegirls.

Monica has missed a few of the annual girl's trips and has something she needs to share with them.

If she can make it there. A cancelled flight has her stranded in the airport.

But Thaddeus is eager to get to campus for some rekindling of his own, a delayed flight is standing in his way.

So, when he sees Monica's LU sweater, he proposes they rent a car and drive the four hours to campus together.

The two start the four-hour drive as complete strangers but end the weekend as a little more than friends.

After they expect to return to life as it was before homecoming, but that's not as simple. At least not for him.

Homecoming is a fling romance, a follow-up to the Love 101 series.

Chapter 1 Look Inside

“What did you pack?” She looks up from her bag. “I hope something sexy.”

“I packed this sexy, black, lace bra with these cute thongs to match.” I laugh. “Not like Travis will care much, he’ll just be ready to see me naked.”

She finally throws a few more things into the bag and we head out. As we walk out of the house, Josh is standing in our path. He leans in towards me and gives me a hug. I almost melt in his strong arms. My petite, five foot two inches are lost in his embrace; all six-foot-three, two-hundred pounds of him.

“Laila, I wanted to give you a hug earlier but you ran off. I appreciate you looking after my sister.” I smile and keep walking towards the car.

“I see my brother made sure he gave you a hug. What’s that all about?” Tanya is ignorant of the fact that her brother is the best thing coming out of Fort Walton Beach.

“You know your brother can get it, right? I would leave Travis today if your brother said the word. I love Travis, but your brother definitely has a lot to offer.”

She interrupts me before I can tell her any more. “Laila, you know you wouldn’t leave Travis. Hush. Besides, if you left Travis, we all wouldn’t be able to hang out anymore. It would be awkward.”

Since Tanya and I started dating best friends, it has been like a four-some. We are always double dating, and I know all of Tanya and Devon’s business, as I’m sure they know all of ours.

“You’re right. It would be awkward. I should get my mind off your brother. Especially if I plan on giving my cookies to Travis tonight.” I nervously cross my legs at the thought of losing my virginity.

As we pull up to the beach, I ask Tanya about her family dinner and tell her about my newfound freedom for the summer.

Tanya shrugs, because she can’t really relate. She hasn’t had to work. Her parents have spoiled her rotten.

Although our backgrounds are similar ― our parents are very successful in their careers—my parents don’t believe in spoiling their kids.

As we step out of the car, we see Carla. She has on a bright red, form-fitting, halter-top dress that stops well above her knees. Tanya and I exchange a glance. Neither one of us likes Carla, but we are both cordial with her.
Carla notices us. “Hey ladies! Nice to see you all out here. I’m ready to have some fun!”

We both wave at Carla and laugh. “I bet you are,” I say under my breath.

We continue walking towards the pavilion where most of the people are gathered.

“Are you drinking tonight? I think you could use some- thing to loosen you up a bit,” Tanya says in a low voice.
I don’t really indulge. I don’t like the taste of alcohol. But Tanya is right— I need to loosen up. The more I think about Travis, my heart begins to race and beads of sweat roll down my chest.

“Yes, I’ll have a drink. I’ll take whatever you’re having.”
We stop briefly to speak to the girls. Most of my friends are lushes. Their weekends typically include drinking on Friday and Saturday nights. They already have their red cups in hand, hiding what they shouldn’t be drinking out in public. Tanya walks away to grab the drinks.

“Laila, are you ready for tonight?” Jessica asks as she taps me on my arm.

Most of our friends know what’s about to go down. Out of all of our friends, Tanya and I are the only remaining virgins. If it weren’t for all of the girls who got pregnant and dropped out of school, I might have lost it a while ago. I’ve definitely been scared to lose it, but now my horny ass wants to get it on. I give Jessica a shy smile, and turn to Tanya, who is handing me a cup.

“Bottoms up, ladies. To our last summer before college!”

Continue reading in Freshmen Fifteen.

“It’s about time I get a chance to get close to you.” He stops dancing and stares me in the eyes with a playful smile. Staring back, I take note of each of his features. His eyes are slightly darker than hazel and his goatee is perfectly trimmed. “I hope you are having fun tonight. I have to go, but let me give you my number so you can call me.”

“Your number? I don’t even know your name, nor do you know mine.”

“Oh, I know your name, Laila. But I apologize. My name is Chris, Chris Clark. Now like I said, let me give you my number.”

How does he know my name? I pull my phone out and begin entering each number as he says it. As I press Done, he takes my phone and presses the call button.

When he hands my phone back, I look at him sideways and say, “You didn’t have to take my number, I would have given it to you.” Sexy, but cocky. I’m not sure about this one.

“You’re right, but like I said, I need to run. Promise me you will call me when you make it back to the dorm.”

I don’t make any promises, but I give him a gentle smile. He kisses my cheek, then walks away, leaving his scent of sweat and cologne behind.

Continue reading in Freshmen Fifteen. 

What are readers saying? 

"Excellent story. Love the display of black love."

"I love everything about all of the books! Beautifully written." 

"I was glued the entire time." 

"This 4 book series was the best!! I'm glad I got to read them together instead of individually and then waiting for the next to come out..."

"Definitely a must read book of coming of age and learning the lessons of love!" 

eBooks included in bundle: 

☑️ Freshmen Fifteen 

☑️ Sophisticated Sophomore  

☑️ Summer Fling 

☑️ Grown & Sexy Senior

☑️ Homecoming

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