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J. Nichole

Love Assist: The Rookies Book 1

Love Assist: The Rookies Book 1

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The rookie has returned home.

Professional basketball player, Jared Mathis, is back in his hometown. Ready to prove he's as good as he's always been.
But first, he must find a house.

Real Estate is in her blood. Or at least it should be.
Unfortunately, Amelia Forrest is nothing like her mogul mother though.
If she finds a home for Jared Mathis, that could all change.

Love Assist is a contemporary sports romance.

I walked out in front of him. Beyond the foyer, which he didn’t seem to care much about the grandiose entrance. “No pool here,” I said with pouted lips. “Is that something we should have on the list of must haves?” I hoped not, because only one of the houses I planned on showing him had a pool.

His mouth twisted to the side. “It’s not a must.” 

I was thankful for the sentences he managed to form. Progressing from one-word responses was a milestone I’d accept. “Great, let me show you this stunning property.”

“This counter is large enough to host all your friends.” I wiped my hand over the granite. “Or that special someone.” My hand stopped in the middle of the countertop, and my eyes bulged. “I mean, if you have a special someone. You know that could be cool.” I turned toward the stove. “Do you cook?” I said, pointing to the knobs. “This is a gas-burning stove.” 

Jared smacked the counter. “This counter is big enough to feast on someone.”

“On someone?” I cleared my throat. The house wouldn’t work for him. The air conditioner clearly didn’t work. In Dallas heat, that was a must. I rubbed the back of my neck and fanned my face.

“On someone.” He walked closer to me. “But naw, I don’t cook.” His eyes widened. “Hey, the fire,” he shouted.

“Shit.” I turned the knob quickly. “So sorry. We should look at the rest of the house.”

What are readers saying? 

"I really enjoyed this book. This author has not let me down with any of her books. She gives me a full story with each couple and you get to see their story unfold with all the ups and downs and I love that. Jared and Amelia were cute together and I loved how they encouraged each other when they were going through doubting themselves. This was a really cute story and I can’t wait to see what else comes from this series." - Amazon Reviewer

"He was a rookie in the NBA, she was a realtor who hated her job! She found him his dream home. He was smitten with Amelia and would do anything to keep her close to him. He helped her realize what she really loved as a career and she had his back win or lose. A great read!" - Amazon Reviewer

"I loved this story! Love the romance, storyline and the characters! Will be continuing reading from this author! Keep up the great work!" - Amazon Reviewer

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