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J. Nichole

Love Blitz: The Rookies Book 2

Love Blitz: The Rookies Book 2

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In a week, Gianna would have walked down the aisle.
But her life turned upside down.

She could hardly get out of the bed. But her friends had something else in mind.
A night out and lots of liquor. A man to make her forget about her cheating ex-fiance.
She agreed to the night out. To the liquor too.

But was she ready for the man who came into her life?

Angelo is a rookie football player.
He was at the top of his game in high school and in college.
But in the league, he's riding the bench.
Then the starting quarter back gets sacked.

Can he prove his loyalty to the team and to her?
He's going to play hard for both.

“Three athletes walk into a bar…” Cam was serious. His ass was using us as his pickup line.

“Naw.” I laughed. “You gotta be joking right now?”

The women looked at the three of us wide-eyed. Well, two of them did. The other woman looked disinterested and ready to leave. My kind of girl. She wasn’t falling for Cam’s whack ass pickup line.

I eased myself to the other side of her and said, “Hey, I’m Angelo.” I stuck my hand out for her to shake but she didn’t budge. Her eyes remained glued to the cup in her hand. It was like whatever was in the bottom of the glass consumed her. Every inch of her. “Ugh, hey,” I said again, trying to get her attention, “you good?”

I looked from her to her friends, a little panic settling in as she didn’t budge.

Finally, one of the other women looked her way and nudged her elbow. “That fine ass man is talking to you.” She flashed me a smile, then her eyes narrowed when the beauty still didn’t move her eyes from the cup. She sighed then leaned over to her ear and whispered something I couldn’t hear.

Her profile was beautiful. I couldn’t see her eyes or the lift in her lips when she smiled. But her smooth skin and curly hair were giving me fresh and simple. Nothing elaborate. Not like her girls, who looked like they had one plan in mind, and that was to impress somebody in that lounge. She looked like she couldn’t care less, and for some reason that was what drew me into her web.

If she was trying to fly under the radar, she failed with me. She was flashing big red lights on my screen, and I wanted to see more of her.

What are readers saying? 

"This book had a beautiful ending... it captured my attention until the very end. J. Nicole is one of the best authors I've picked up this year." - Amazon Reviewer

"Angelo was the package that GiGi so desperately needed. I’m glad that she was able to reconcile her feelings and choose quality over time." - Amazon Reviewer 

"This was a good read. I don’t know enough about sports but I like how the author created positive characters. GiGi had her own career and her man was not a ladies man like the stereotypical athlete." - Amazon Reviewer

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