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J. Nichole

Love Curveball: The Rookies Book 3

Love Curveball: The Rookies Book 3

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He could remember every player's batting average. But he couldn't remember the name of the woman he slept with the night before.
Cam didn't need to. He'd be on to the next the night after.
Except he met her. They agreed to share one night.
But her name was the only one he wanted to remember.

The only thing Makenna could commit to was detrimental to her wellbeing.
It was best for her to avoid all other commitments.
So, when she met Cam, she doubted it would ever become a thing.
Until, it became one.

“I’ve heard the grocery store is the place to find the sexiest women in town.” Okay, that wasn’t the best I could have given her, but it made her smile.

As we continued, her sweater reminded me of that Mr. Rogers movie my mama had me watching. And I said that too. I could have kicked myself. What the fuck was going on in my brain? The cold must have had me malfunctioning in the worst way.

But her laugh. It was the best thing I heard. Like, ever. I had to get out of Denver because I had a short circuit somewhere. I couldn’t escape before I had a taste of her though. Only one.

I should have taken her number. To be sure I reached her. But another malfunction happened, and I told her to take mine. I put the ball in her court. And I never put the ball in a woman’s court. Leave it to them, and I would be waiting forever for a phone call.

I could have had her in my bed that night. Warming my body with hers.

She confirmed I’d be waiting forever when she said, “Oh? You’d trust me to call you?”

Hell, I didn’t. Not after she said that. But I had to play it cool. Had to act like I knew she’d want to call me as bad as I wanted her to call me.

I played my best LL Cool J impersonation and licked my lips. Told her, “I trust you would.” It was Shemar Moore smooth. And if I was lucky, I’d be acting like she was my baby girl soon enough. 

What are readers saying? 

"I loved this story. Makenna and Cam were perfect for each other. From reading the other two books in the series and hearing about Cam’s ways with the ladies, I knew he would meet his match and that something would happen to make him want to do something different. It turns out Makenna needed the same thing to happen to her. I loved their genuine chemistry and how fate seemed to keep bringing that back around each other. This was such a good book and a great addition to the series. I cannot wait to see what comes next from this author." - Amazon Reviewer

"Cameron and Mackenna's story was as sweet and sensual as the other two couples. I loved how they didn't allow the unexpected curve balls of life strike out what they had going on. Would love an update on all three couples." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Love the life long friendships, the writing, and the realness. Talk about strong women and men committed to doing right." - Amazon Reviewer

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