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J. Nichole

Love on the Ballot: Greetings from Tuckerville Book 6

Love on the Ballot: Greetings from Tuckerville Book 6

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"Trust me with your vote, and I'll take care of your heart."

That should have been her campaign slogan. Because when it came to love, Sharon was at the bottom of the polls. Unfortunately for her, even with her political charm, her love life was failing.

But at least she was winning elections.

That was until Lee decided to oppose her in the next race. As a divorced, single dad, he had no intentions of being a notable politician. He just knew there were some things he could do better than her - and he wanted to prove it.

Neither of them expected that a political debate would be enough to upend the race - and their hearts.

She wheeled the seat back, giving herself space away from the desk, but as she stood, the two of us were inches apart. Her arm brushing up against mine again. “I look forward to that.” Her eyes tilted up to mine, and I didn’t respond. I couldn’t. Her close proximity and the look in her eyes had captivated me—I was silent, motionless.

And then, she leaned forward, her lips brushed up against mine, and as they did, my hand went to the back of her head where I pulled her in closer. My mouth opened, and her tongue slid inside, with ease. For a moment, she wasn’t the mayor, my boss, or my opponent in the election. She was just Sharon—a sexy ass woman with drive and ambition. My hand slid down her back, and when it met the hump in her ass, she pulled away. Our eyes stayed connected though.

“Shit,” she mumbled, wiping at her mouth. “I shouldn’t have done that.” She began to move away, and I didn’t understand what she was doing because everything that was happening was acceptable to me—and an apology was the last thing I would have needed. “That was inappropriate on so many different levels.”


What are readers saying? 

"This story was a great way to end this series. I enjoyed every couple, and to make the last story about older adult love, was the icing on the cake. Can't wait to read what's next or who next from Tuckerville."

"J. Nichole did not disappoint in this Tuckerville story. It was great to see another side of Mayor Sharon as she navigates politics and love in a small town. This story proves that politics truly makes strange bedfellows. Lee was a nice addition to the characters that were introduced in other stories. The characters were well developed and written. And the story and plot twists proves that even when you lose you can still win."

"This book was a wonderful close to the series! Definitely a great read for anyone who likes a good HEA book. Once you read this series check out the books about the LA Stars. You'll love those as well."


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