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J. Nichole

Perfect for You: Greetings from Tuckerville Book 5

Perfect for You: Greetings from Tuckerville Book 5

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How do you tell your best friend you are in love with her little brother?

It wasn’t exactly love, at first, for Maria. For years, Daniel was always just her best friend’s little brother. Then as they got older, he got sexier, and more charming. Charming, just like the guys in the romance books she loved to read.

Daniel wasn’t interested in anything serious. His business made him believe falling in love wasn’t worth the ultimate loss. Because at Boykins Funeral Home, he saw many heartbroken widows.

He was sure he’d rather avoid love than suffer loss. Until he fell for Maria.

The door flung open, and before I could even pass him the bag of cookies and ice cream, his hands were on my face. “But the,” I whispered, “sundae.”

“Fuck that sundae,” he growled, and it dropped from my hands. “That’s my girl.” He grabbed my thighs and wrapped them around his waist as he carried me to his bedroom. His lips covering a spot on my neck as he walked. “Shit, Maria,” I heard him say as I felt his dick growing against my stomach.

I moved my hands from around his neck, to each side of his face as I pulled his lips into mine. “Daniel,” I whispered, “I’ve missed this.” He likely didn’t hear that though because he was lying me onto the bed. He shoved my shirt up over my head, yanked on my pants and pulled those from my legs. His finger gently slid against my panties—the ones I wouldn’t have worn if I knew the night would have ended in Daniel’s bed.

He didn’t care though. He gripped the hem and pulled them down. Then he unhooked my bra, and before my titties could slump to the side, he had a hand on each. When the warmth of his mouth surrounded my nipples I let my mind drift away, away from him, away from whatever would happen next. Or not.

“Tell me, Maria,” I heard him say softly, “How do you want to be pleased?”


What are readers saying? 

"It's amazing how life plays out. Someone you spend your whole life around, turns into someone you can't live without. Villians always come out to play, but its to you to stop them. Tears flowed heavy at the funeral home scenes. Very emotional. Magnificent read!"

"I'm loving this Tuckerville Series it's simply wonderful. I love the people that live in this little town. The story is written so well. I'm happy for Daniel and Maria finally. This series is worth the read it's good."

"Maybe I fell in love with this book because it’s so relatable I mean I’m always looking for my book bae in the real world lol. I have read the whole series but this book I just loved."


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