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J. Nichole

Small Town Romance Bundle

Small Town Romance Bundle

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❤️Somebody Somewhere

Small towns have a welcoming, comforting feel to them. At least that's what it looks like in the movies.

When Lexi Mason experienced devastating heartbreak, she needed a change. Tuckerville, a small town, offered a remote work program and she applied. She thought the small town would be the change she needed away from her life in the city, away from her ex.

Ivan Mathis was a successful fitness trainer, in Turner City. But when his mom called pleading with him to return to Tuckerville, to help revitalize it, he was on board to help save the small town.

Neither of them expected that the welcoming, small-town would give them their biggest challenges, or their sweetest rewards.

❤️Yours for Now

In a small town, everybody's business, is everybody's business -- including who you are sleeping with.

For Shay, that's a problem because relationships are out of the question for her. She's too busy running her hair salon and taking care of her sick mother to have a blossoming relationship.

But she still has needs.

Avery is willing to fulfill her needs because he isn't looking for a relationship. He lost the one woman in his life who had his entire heart. He isn't willing to face loss like that again.

But with the town talking, can they deny their true feelings for each other?

❤️Cheering for You

After a season-ending knee injury, the last place Nate wanted to be was his small hometown of Tuckerville.

And he certainly didn't want to show up to her yoga class to help him heal his mind. But then her calm voice, as she asked, "Can I help you adjust?" before her soft hand rested on his forearm had him thinking maybe his agent was right, maybe he did need to breathe.

There wasn't anything or anybody Aria was willing to let interrupt her peace. Not her well-paying career, and the promise of more money. And definitely not him -- an NBA All-Star with a stick up his...

At least that's what she repeated to herself as she watched his muscles form into different poses. Not him.

❤️It's Him

“If we are single at 40, let's get married.”

That's the pact Janice should have had with Ben, her best friend since high school. But she didn't because he was her best friend, and only her best friend. Honestly. Yeah, she thought he was sexy, he always made her laugh, and she could count on him for just about anything. But dating him? That was never a thought that crossed her mind.

Ben tried rekindling his love with his ex-girlfriend, after years of being apart.

She was beautiful, had a caring spirit, and was familiar. Oh, and she was the mother to his fourteen-year-old daughter. Trying with her wasn't right though. It didn't take long for him to realize, everything that was wrong with his ex, was right with Janice.

But when he admits that to Janice, will she forego their friendship, in favor of more?

Content Warning: This story includes details around pregnancy loss. I acknowledge that this detail may be difficult. I also encourage you to care for your safety and well-being.

❤️Perfect for You

How do you tell your best friend you are in love with her little brother?

It wasn’t exactly love, at first, for Maria. For years, Daniel was always just her best friend’s little brother. Then as they got older, he got sexier, and more charming. Charming, just like the guys in the romance books she loved to read.

Daniel wasn’t interested in anything serious. His business made him believe falling in love wasn’t worth the ultimate loss. Because at Boykins Funeral Home, he saw many heartbroken widows.

He was sure he’d rather avoid love than suffer loss. Until he fell for Maria.

❤️Love on the Ballot

"Trust me with your vote, and I'll take care of your heart."

That should have been her campaign slogan. Because when it came to love, Sharon was at the bottom of the polls. Unfortunately for her, even with her political charm, her love life was failing.

But at least she was winning elections.

That was until Lee decided to oppose her in the next race. As a divorced, single dad, he had no intentions of being a notable politician. He just knew there were some things he could do better than her - and he wanted to prove it.

Neither of them expected that a political debate would be enough to upend the race - and their hearts.

Chapter 1 Look Inside

“I’m sure you’ll be calling making plans as soon as you’ve been there for a while. That small town will bore you soon enough.”
Just then I heard a knock at my door.

“Is that someone knocking? Who is coming to your house? You made friends already?” she continued as I made my way to the front door.

“Lexi Mason,” said the woman standing in front of me with a tin and a smile. “These are for you. Welcome to Tuckerville.” She handed me the tin and peeked past the front door into the house.

“Oh,” I told her, “Come on in.”

“Wait, you don’t know that person, don’t invite them into your house. What if she’s a killer?” Luna was rambling into the phone until I told her I’d call her back and quickly hung up.

“Sorry, that was my sister calling to check on me.”

The woman stayed close to the front door as I moved into the house. “Oh, no worries, you didn’t have to end your call on behalf of me.” Her eyes went to the empty boxes in the middle of the living room, and suddenly I felt I should have unpacked quicker. “I see you are all moved in.”

I nodded my head then asked, “I’m sorry, I don’t think we know each other.” I cocked my head, realizing she knew my name, but I didn’t know hers, or her face.

“Honey, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed you would have recognized my face.” She smiled a little wider. “I’m Sharon.” The name was triggering memories, but I couldn’t quite put a finger on why. “The mayor, and head of the Remote Work Program.”

“Yes,” I raised my hands, “Of course, Sharon.” Then I apologized for my memory. “I’m the worst with names and faces.” I wanted to tell her my memory was trash in general, but I kept that to myself.

“A few of you have moved in now, and I wanted to ensure you had everything you needed.” She shifted on her feet then I remembered my hospitality and asked if she wanted a seat. “Oh, thank you. Been walking around a bit today.”

“Sure, thank you for bringing,” I looked at the tin, then popped open the top, “these cookies. They look amazing.” I wanted to raise the tin to my nose to smell the chocolate chip cookies, but I decided to close the tin and sit them on the table in front of us.

“Straight from Fresh Café, if you get a chance make sure you check them out.” One of the reasons for the Remote Work Program was to bring new residents into the city to encourage spending with the local shops. “If you haven’t already, you must take a stroll down Main Street. I’m sure anything you need will be found there.”

Continue reading in Somebody Somewhere.


He sat across from me and instructed me to spread my legs wide. My eyes bulged and I coughed as I tried to recover from that detail. I hesitated, telling him, “Two things.” I held up my fingers. “I’m not sure I can stretch my legs wide right now.” I looked down at my spandex that had collected every drip of my bodily fluids. “And I also don’t think that would be a good look.”

He looked down at my shorts. “Two things. Stretching your legs now will help them from being stiff later.” His eyes were on my shorts. “And it isn’t a good workout if you have nothing to show for it. I’ve seen an abundance of sweat before, I’m not tripping.” Then he ordered, “Spread ‘em.”

And like magic, my legs spread open. Not as wide as they could have if I hadn’t just brought them to the brink of destruction, but they were open. Both of his arms were outstretched toward me. “Grab on.” I did as he said. “I’m going to pull you forward to extend that stretch, okay.”

His legs were opened wide too. And leaning forward on the mat only gave me a view of his dick that was 4K Ultra HD, and I didn’t know how I would recover from that sight.

Continue reading in Somebody Somewhere. 

What are readers saying? 

"The small town romance is quaint and cute. I love Lifetime & Hallmark movies so these Tuckerville small town romances really hit the spot."

"Though I was close to tears through most of this read I loved the roller coaster ride between Shay and Avery."

"Nate was all wrong in this story until he got it right. I loved that Aria was not about to give up her peace for some BS that Nate was on. Great story and good read."

"It's Him is Janice and Ben's story. I loved these two so hard. The best friends to lovers story I've read in a while. Emotional, loving, sensual, funny and heartwarming. Greetings from Tuckerville Book 4 is amazing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾"

"I'm loving this Tuckerville Series it's simply wonderful. I love the people that live in this little town. The story is written so well. I'm happy for Daniel and Maria finally. This series is worth the read it's good."

"This book was a wonderful close to the series! Definitely a great read for anyone who likes a good HEA book. Once you read this series check out the books about the LA Stars. You'll love those as well."


eBooks included in bundle: 

☑️ Somebody Somewhere

☑️ Yours for Now  

☑️ Cheering for You 

☑️ It's Him

☑️ Perfect for You 

☑️ Love on the Ballot


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