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J. Nichole

Sports Romance Bundle

Sports Romance Bundle

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❤️His Best Shot

In the club, with flashing lights and loud music, seeing him across the room is a scene out of a movie.
We lock eyes and sway to the beat—instantly connecting.
He nudges his head, calling me to the other side. Me? Of all the women in the club, this sexy man wants me to join him in VIP.

So I do.

And then I realize how tall he is, and the other guys surrounding him are also.


This guy was on the basketball court at the game I watched the night before. The guys standing around him are his teammates on the Houston Outlaws.

And me? I’m a small-town girl with a class of 5th graders, only in LA for a few more nights. So you could imagine my answer when he asks, “Wanna come back to the room with me?”

❤️His Missed Shot

When Chloe moved to LA, she wasn't trying to meet a star or become one.

While working for a famous chef, Chloe made a delivery to Chris' house. Although he had the physique, the face, and that devilish grin that made her want to spread open for him on the counter - he was a client. And she was strictly forbidden from fraternizing with clients.

Chris made it to the NBA and already had one championship ring. Finding a woman to settle down with wasn't exactly what he wanted. But he saw her in his kitchen. Then his main concern was no longer winning another championship. It quickly became convincing her that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

Will Chloe give him a chance to shoot his shot - or will she be working hard on her defense?

❤️His Only Shot

Dante would be there for her even if it meant missing his basketball game and getting fined.
He'd always been there for her.
Even after Ranae married her high school sweetheart — Dante called every year to wish her a happy birthday.
When she answered the phone crying, he was willing to drop everything to ensure she was okay.
After all, they had been best friends since childhood.

When he learns the reason for her tears, it could change their lives forever.

His Only Shot is a friends to lovers sports romance.

❤️Love Assist

Dante would be there for her even if it meant missing his basketball game and getting fined.
He'd always been there for her.
Even after Ranae married her high school sweetheart — Dante called every year to wish her a happy birthday.
When she answered the phone crying, he was willing to drop everything to ensure she was okay.
After all, they had been best friends since childhood.

When he learns the reason for her tears, it could change their lives forever.

His Only Shot is a friends to lovers sports romance.

❤️Love Blitz

In a week, Gianna would have walked down the aisle.
But her life turned upside down.

She could hardly get out of the bed. But her friends had something else in mind.
A night out and lots of liquor. A man to make her forget about her cheating ex-fiance.
She agreed to the night out. To the liquor too.

But was she ready for the man who came into her life?

Angelo is a rookie football player.
He was at the top of his game in high school and in college.
But in the league, he's riding the bench.
Then the starting quarter back gets sacked.

Can he prove his loyalty to the team and to her?
He's going to play hard for both.

❤️Love Curveball

He could remember every player's batting average. But he couldn't remember the name of the woman he slept with the night before.
Cam didn't need to. He'd be on to the next the night after.
Except he met her. They agreed to share one night.
But her name was the only one he wanted to remember.

The only thing Makenna could commit to was detrimental to her wellbeing.
It was best for her to avoid all other commitments.
So, when she met Cam, she doubted it would ever become a thing.
Until, it became one.

❤️A Touchdown for Christmas

Finally, Gigi gets her happily ever after.

When Gigi thinks it is over, she gets a second chance at love.

All it takes is a cheating fiancé and a night in a bar.

For their Christmas wedding, Angelo will ensure she gets everything she deserves.

Even if that means what she deserves is nothing she planned.

This Christmas Novella is a follow-up story to Love Blitz.

Chapter 1 Look Inside

“And see, that’s what I’m talking about,” I said, handing Aria a shot glass, “I want a man who is just going to get shit done.”

Nate laughed, “I’m one of one, Imani, I thought you knew?”

“If you are the blueprint,” I said after sucking the shot down, “there has to be at least a few carbon copies around here.” I craned my neck, thinking I’d just see one standing around. Someone, anyone, I could gaze at the way Aria was looking like she wanted to sop Nate up with a biscuit. “I’ll take the counterfeit, if I have to,” I told him as my eyes landed on the table across from us. “A little less hassle than the real thing,” I said to nobody apparently. Taking a shot with a man rubbing down your leg, I guess, served as an aphrodisiac for Aria because next thing I knew, the two of them were tonguing each other down like they were in the privacy of their own home.

I turned my head and looked to the VIP table across from us again, my eyes connecting with the man seated at the edge of the couch. Even with a group of guys surrounding him, it was like the spotlight was shining over his head.

I wasn’t one to be attracted to a man with braids, but his were freshly done. And the beard that framed his chin was a nice little bonus. The darkness of the lounge didn’t let me get a full look at his eyes, or much of his body, but the way he sat amongst the others made me feel like his swag was too confident not to be working with something.

Then he stood, squared his legs, his long ass legs. I watched as it all happened, his legs shifting—maybe to adjust the package in the middle, or maybe to stretch. Whatever it was, it was magical, and my eyes were stuck. Until the DJ switched up the song, and he began to sway, just a little, my eyes met his, and he was looking right at me.

I hadn’t even realized I was swaying too, side to side, and as corny as it may have sounded, it was just the two of us, across the club, swaying to the same beat.
Instead of letting the awkwardness of the moment break my stare, I kept staring. Okay, maybe I’ll blame it on the shots. Always blame it on the alcohol. What can I say, I was a small-town girl, my only enjoyment was the end of the day when the school bell rung, and the little rug rats were running out the door. I wasn’t passing up the opportunity to get a little looser than my normal day allowed. Besides that, expensive tequila went down so smoothly. Much smoother than the variety at the local ABC Liquor store back home.

That tequila would have had me just as loosey goosey, but feeling like I needed to hit the toilet with my hair held back. The good stuff though, it had me feeling like I was on top of the world. And that’s where I remained, up in the clouds as I stared down what could have easily been Nate King’s counterfeit. The tall, sexy, light-skinned, hair braided to the back man across from me, he smiled. I looked over my shoulder in case he was smiling at someone else, and when my eyes went back to him he had a devilish smirk on his face, then shook his head slightly. I pointed to myself, as we began communicating—hand gestures, eyes widening and narrowing, smiles spreading then falling flat. Until I turned to Aria, finally taking a break for air, and asked, “How do I get over there?”

Continue reading in His Best Shot.

“I was asking if you get that feeling when you teach, does it still make you happy?” 

Sadly, I shook my head. “Not really.”

“Then what would do it for you?” When I didn’t answer, he said, “Imagine what a perfect day would look like.” I wanted to tell him it looked like what we were doing—me catching a flight, going out to a fancy dinner. But what was that exactly?

“Traveling, trying new foods and experiences,” was the only thing I could come up with.

He nodded. “I’m sure we’d all love to do that. But I bet there’s someone out here who’s figured out a way to make that happen. Do that,” he said it with a shrug, like it was just as easy as snapping his fingers.

“I don’t think,” I leaned in closer to the table, “it’s that easy.”

“Of course not.” I wasn’t expecting him to say that. “Anything worth having is never that easy.” 

Continue reading in His Best Shot. 

What are readers saying? 

"Great read! I loved their story and how he knew she was the one from nearly the very start!!!😊 Definitely recommend." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Thank you, J. Nichole for bringing your characters to life. The humor, fun, sweetness, and drama is so entertaining. I can’t wait to start on book three." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Friendship in a relationship is beautiful. To find a friend in a lover is a good thing. Nae had me on edge going back and forth with her heart instead of allowing it to lead her in the right direction. What a beautiful ending to the LA Stars series. Read it, you'll enjoy it. Purchase the series, you won't be disappointed." - Amazon Reviewer 

"He was a rookie in the NBA, she was a realtor who hated her job! She found him his dream home. He was smitten with Amelia and would do anything to keep her close to him. He helped her realize what she really loved as a career and she had his back win or lose. A great read!" - Amazon Reviewer 

"This book had a beautiful ending... it captured my attention until the very end. J. Nicole is one of the best authors I've picked up this year." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Love the life long friendships, the writing, and the realness. Talk about strong women and men committed to doing right." - Amazon Reviewer 

"Great follow-up to this amazing couple! I loved their original story and this novella was just enough to get us all caught up on this beautiful couple. Glad to see they got a happy ending a little more in the end 🥰" - Amazon Reviewer 

eBooks included in bundle: 

☑️ His Best Shot 

☑️ His Missed Shot   

☑️ His Only Shot  

☑️ Love Assist

☑️ Love Blitz  

☑️ Love Curveball

☑️ A Touchdown for Christmas


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