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J. Nichole

Steamy Shorts Bundle

Steamy Shorts Bundle

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Happily Married

Welcome to the KS Lounge where your fantasies are our highest priority.

The KS Lounge membership confirmation email that Savannah Reynolds received was what she needed to help her marriage, or so she thought.

Eric Reynolds was convinced that opening the pandora's box was an invitation to disaster. But he was hoping, "a happy wife, a happy life," would hold true after they entered the doors of the KS Lounge. After all, who could resist the pleasure that awaited him on the other side?

Happily Married is an erotic romance with mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Ready to Mingle

In the KS Lounge, identities are hidden, names are never shared, but desires are met.

Warren had the long courtship and beautiful marriage. After his divorce, he wasn't interested in the pleasantries needed to get what he ultimately wanted. He wanted his pleasures fulfilled—and that was all.

Kia was tired of dating random guys, but never getting to the ‘I do.’ She decided if she wasn’t going to have that, she might as well skip the relationship and have her desires met instead.

She shared a night with him, and everything about him had her wanting to scream his name—but that was forbidden.

Ready to Mingle is an erotic romance with mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Wife Swap

Welcome to the KS Lounge, where married couples must enter as a couple and leave as a couple.

“A pineapple?” That’s the question Melodie and Trevor had for each other when their neighbor kept gifting it to them. As they discover the reason for the infamous pineapple gifts, they decide to see what it’s all about – in the KS Lounge.

Wife Swap is an erotic romance with mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

You Up: An Erotic Short Story

It was the way he licked his lips, for me.

Fresh out of a relationship, I didn’t want another.

If I was being honest, I just wanted to f*ck.

What You Doin: An Erotic Short Story

Her text said, “What you doing?”

All she wanted in the reply, “I’m coming through...”

Chapter 1 Look Inside

“Just talking about the experience has me wanting to fuck you on the dining room table, so I already think we are winning.”

The only sound I heard next was his chair screeching across the marble floor. He tugged on my arm and pulled me between his thighs. The dress I was wearing that day received no grace as he ripped the side trying to maneuver his hands up my thighs. “I’ll buy another one,” he grunted as he tugged my panties to the side. While kissing my neck, he unzipped his pants then lowered me down into his lap.

We kissed, his tongue deep down my throat as he bounced me on his dick. Then our mouths parted, and his tongue licked a line down the side of my neck, and back up again. A moan escaping my mouth as his hand went between our legs. “I don’t think we need that club,” he told me as my legs began to quiver. “We still know how to fuck, if we want to.” His teeth bit into my skin below my collar bone, and I didn’t care if my co-workers would see the mark he left the next day at work. I needed that passion.

His arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me into him tightly as he hissed, after his head fell into my chest. “Imagine that, plus your wildest fantasy being fulfilled,” I told him as I rubbed my hand across the back of his neck.

“And what if you are my wildest fantasy?” He looked up to me, and our eyes stayed connected until I broke the stare to look out of the window beside us.

I looked back to him. “But I’m not.” He knew as well as I did that his wildest fantasy included much more than fucking at the dining room table. That much we had discussed when we visited couple’s therapy. It took him a while to admit, but he finally told the therapist that when he was younger, he had a threesome, and it had been the best sexual experience he had ever had. But after we married, he had never even thought about doing something like that because he loved me too much to even consider it.

“Savannah,” he sighed, “that’s another thing we should have never done. Let that woman pry us open for all our vulnerabilities.”

“If you can’t be open with me, then who will you be open with?”

Continue reading in Happily Married.


Welcome to the Kama Sutra Lounge. Below you will find the rules of engagement. Upon arrival at the lounge, we expect that all rules will be strictly followed. If you so choose to deviate at any time, your lounge membership will be revoked.

  1. Electronic devices are prohibited and will be confiscated upon entry.
  2. True identities must never be revealed.
  3. You and your partner must enter as a couple and leave as a couple.
  4. No contact, at all, should ever be attempted with a member outside of the lounge.

Bring your wildest fantasies, and we will be ready to indulge you.

Yours in pleasure,

Madam K.S.

I read the email a few times before sitting down with Eric for dinner. He sat across from me at our elongated, custom-built dining table. It was larger than we would have ever needed for just the two of us, but it matched our décor brilliantly. He had placed his fork down and asked, “How was your day today?” It was the typical question that received an answer varying between two different responses on any given day.

But that day, I looked at him with a bright smile and said, “We got in.”

Continue reading Happily Married if you want a peek inside the Kama Sutra Lounge. 

What are readers saying? 

"This book was so hot and steamy I’m glad it spiced up their sex life and didn’t cause any trouble." 

"This book was everything I needed in an erotic short. From the gate, this author jumped out with the spiciness and I am here for it."

"This was everything a short story could be and more!"

eBooks included in bundle: 

☑️ Happily Married 

☑️ Ready to Mingle  

☑️ Wife Swap 

☑️ You Up?

☑️ What You Doin? 

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