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J. Nichole

Steamy Standalones Bundle

Steamy Standalones Bundle

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 630+ 5-Star Reviews

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❤️ Future Husband

Dear #FutureHusband, always kiss me like it’s our first time.

Anaya went on many dates, kissed many frogs, and none turned into her prince. But each did leave her with post-worthy rants to her future husband.

She met a guy who didn't want to travel.

Dear #FutureHusband, I hope your passport is ready.

She met a man who had questionable political opinions.

Dear #FutureHusband, we don’t have to agree on everything, but we have to be on the same political team.

Then she met Russell who seemed to be the future husband she posted about.

Russell, on the other hand, was heartbroken — by his fiancé and baby mama — and was determined to stay single.

He preferred meeting random women, and enjoyed one night stands, over being vulnerable in a committed relationship.

Could Anaya be the woman to heal his broken heart?

❤️ He's Just a Friend

She said he’s just a friend.

But could he be more?

What if they took it there and there wasn’t chemistry? Or if her feelings were stronger than his?

Or maybe his were stronger than hers?

Could they return to best friend status — you know, if it didn’t work?

Josiah was willing to risk their friendship for more. Brooklyn was hoping they’d never have to return to being just friends.

Do friends make the best lovers?

❤️ Only One Night

What do you do when the promise of one night turns into a few?

Marley thought the only way to prevent heartbreak was to avoid commitment -- relationships were off the table. But to appease both her heart and hormones, she allowed herself a night with him, but only one.

Boris agreed to the promise of just one night. The thought of a worry free sex life was appealing. Hell he didn’t need the hassle of a relationship either. Or so he thought.

After their first night together he knew he at least wanted one more. But how many nights would it take to convince Marley that he wouldn’t break her heart?

❤️ Never Him

First impressions are everything.

When Lisa met Nick, he showed her the definition of an asshole. There was no way he would ever be someone she’d date, especially not after he thought she was the one who should apologize to him.

But when their paths crossed again, and again, she realized maybe he wasn’t that bad after all.

Or maybe it was his dimples that caught her off guard.

Can Lisa and Nick move on from their first impressions of each other? Is it possible to fall for the guy you despise?

Chapter 1 Look Inside

“Well hello, Boris,” she said, avoiding eye contact. I stopped leaning on the bar and moved closer to her. She took a sip from her glass, and the way her lips rested on the rim made me want to lean in and kiss her. The lipstick that remained on the rim after she pulled away somehow made me that much more turned on. The DJ was mixing up the beats, much like he was the night before, and the crowd was jamming. Marley was swaying as she stood in front of me. Dancing wasn’t my thing. I was the type to hold up the wall on most nights so when Marley asked, “Want to hit the floor?” with her brow hitched, I surprised my damn self when I nodded my head in response.

Robert must have been surprised too because as we started walking away, he asked, “Boris, you hitting the dance floor?” His voice pitched into that high octave as it did when he got excited. I shrugged my shoulders and followed behind Marley, with her hips swaying catching my full attention almost causing me to be clumsy myself.

With my drink raised slightly above her head, she turned around and backed her ass up on me so hard a few drops dripped onto her neck. I took my free hand and wiped them away but she continued dancing, her Sangria in her hand as her hips winded to the music. It didn’t take long before my dick was pressed hard against my pants and surely into her ass. That didn’t stop her though. It’s like it egged her on. She twisted her hips, grinding against me till the song transitioned. The new song had a faster beat and her hips quickly caught up, grinding faster and harder against me.

I tried to stay cool, like her dancing had no effect on me. I took long sips of my drink, mixed with deep inhales, as I maintained my balance as she tried her hardest to knock me off my feet. And I did well till the DJ fucked us up with a slow jam, one that made Marley turn to face me. I could see her mouthing the words as she moved closer to me with an arm snaked around my neck.

My dick was rock-hard and that lounge was not the place for our grown asses to be dry humping. When the music slowed I leaned into her ear and asked, “Can I take you home tonight?” She stepped back and I watched her eyes laser focus on me. “I mean, dry humping was cool in high school, but I think we’ve graduated from that, right?” I said when she didn’t respond.

Continue reading in Only One Night.

“I should have stayed home tonight,” she admitted. “I’m always the third, or seventh, or whatever wheel.” She took a sip of her wine. “Gets old.”

“Hmph.” I admired her hair, different than it was before, curly instead of straight. And her dress, snug, fitting her hips just right. “I think you met someone a few weeks ago who would have gladly been your plus one tonight,” I said honestly.

She shook her head, but her smile spread wide. “You know I actually almost…” Her head wagged. “Almost considered it.” She put her hand in the air then said, “But you know I thought you’d think it was something else and didn’t want to lead you on.”

I grabbed her free hand and moved us away from the bar that was starting to become too crowded and noisy. “Tell me this.” I released her hand. “You don’t want to lead me on, but you slept with me twice.” My eyebrow arched. “I get it. You don’t want a relationship. Is that it?” I couldn’t figure out why she was keeping herself away from me.

She looked into my eyes, then down again. “Yeah,” she said without an explanation.

“Good,” I said as a matter-of-fact, “neither do I.”

Her eyes squinted.

“Now that’s out of the way. How about we enjoy the night? Me. You. Neither of us has to be a third wheel.” 

Continue reading in Only One Night. 

What are readers saying? 

"I am so happy I discovered this author and book. I could not put this down until I finished reading it. Being from the DMV myself, I appreciated the lingo and references to the clubs and restaurants that I visit. Now off to read other books from this author."

"He’s just a Friend is a great read. I loved the characters and their ride or die friendship! There should be a follow up! Skylar and Tony should get together!"

"I really enjoyed this story. It kept my attention and finished it the same day I started it. This is my first book of hers but I plan to read the rest."

"I loved this story and the love progression with Nick and Lisa. This is definitely one of my new favorites to re-read."

eBooks included in bundle: 

☑️ Future Husband 

☑️ He's Just a Friend  

☑️ Only One Night

☑️ Never Him 

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