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J. Nichole

Boyfriend for Christmas: A Love Story

Boyfriend for Christmas: A Love Story

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Since Santa asked …

She'll take a boyfriend.

Kai only wished for a boyfriend because her niece insisted. Didn’t seem like a bad idea since she was newly single.

When Kai ran into Noah, she didn’t expect him to be her gift.

After all, didn’t Santa deliver shiny new gifts?

“Noah.” My eyes scan the rest of his face, under his beard I recognize his smile. “You haven’t aged, but you hardly look the same.” The last time I saw him was the summer after high school, ten years ago. “What’s it been…”

“About ten years ago was the last time I saw you.” I nod my head. He looks down at Reece and says, “I didn’t realize you had a child.” He waves at Reece who looks bewildered.

I put my arm around Reece’s shoulders and steer her out of the way of the steady flow of people. “Oh, no, I don’t have any children. This is Eva’s daughter. Reece.”

He nods his head and says, “Makes sense. How long are you in town for?” Of course, someone returning home could only be for a visit. Either you moved away or you stayed. Not many people moved away, then back. Not in their tender years, as my mama would say.

“I moved back here over the summer.” I didn’t mention the reason, although Reece definitely knows I didn’t feel the need to discuss it with Noah.

“Welcome back.” He opens his arms and I laugh as I let him wrap them around me.


What are readers saying? 

"I truly enjoyed this read. Kai is super relatable and Noah is very sweet. I liked their dynamic. Plus I loved the pacing of the story; it was calm with exciting and sultry elements. This was just the right kind of read for the season."

"This book will get you in the holiday spirit and fill your heart with joy. Yesss!"

"I truly love these stories especially with children in them. Old friends coming together and finding what they may have missed also makes for a good read."


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