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J. Nichole

Influenced by Love

Influenced by Love

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As a plant scientist, Shana thought she had all the skills she needed to run her grandmother’s plant shop. But when she received the foreclosure notice for the store, she realized it would take more than a love of plants to bring in the cash. When her cousin suggested a plan for her to revive the failing business, she’s on board—until she realizes it involves a major social media campaign. The problem is that she’s anti-social in real life, and on the Internet.

DJ Honesty is known around the city because of his massive social media following. But because of this following he can’t trust anyone’s interest is genuine, especially women. He’s considering an exit from the scene to do something that will make his life more meaningful, and could be longer lasting than the latest viral post.

When he walks into Urban Garden and meets Shana, he is surprised that she seems to not know who he is, at all. When he learns that she needs help with her store, his influence could be just what she needs to save her grandmother’s business. In return, she could be the woman to prove his social influence can serve a purpose.

Can their relationship bloom into something more than a social experiment?

“Shana, I don’t know why, but I already know what you are about to tell me.”

I narrowed my eyes. “You do?” He nodded his head. “How?”

He shrugged. “I could tell yesterday you had a lot on your mind.” I started to explain I was just too busy with saving the store I didn’t want to neglect whatever it was we had started. “And what would you have wanted us to be if the store wasn’t an issue?”

I bit my lip and looked away from him. “I think we could have been a couple.” I looked to him and he was smiling. “Why are you smiling?” I narrowed my eyes.

“Call me crazy, but maybe there’s hope that it’ll still happen for us.” He stood from the table and before he walked out of the door, he told me, “I hope everything works out with Urban Garden.”

What are readers saying? 

"I really enjoyed Shana and Will! They were perfect for one another. I was so glad the author dealt with the subject of mental illness and was glad the relationships with their mother was mended. Great novel!"  

"This story flowed effortlessly. It's a treat. A feel good story with a few twists and turns along the way. I was invested in what would happen next. #plantbae EyeCU Reading Approved"  

"This one as usual did not disappoint. What a beautiful love story. If you're looking for heavy drama this is not the one. Just real pure love between #plantbae and Mr. DJ. Loved this from word one til the very end. Great book to read." 


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