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J. Nichole

Holiday Black Romance Short Stories

Holiday Black Romance Short Stories

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🥂A Kiss at Midnight
New Year’s Eve is not complete without a midnight kiss.

Unfortunately, for Kayla, she’s at her company New Year’s Eve party — dateless.

After the party she ends up in an empty elevator with her co-worker, Ben, and she gets her kiss.

What will they do Monday morning though? Act as if nothing happened or try their luck with an office romance?

🎅🏾 Boyfriend for Christmas
Since Santa asked …

She'll take a boyfriend.

Kai only wished for a boyfriend because her niece insisted. Didn’t seem like a bad idea since she was newly single.

When Kai ran into Noah, she didn’t expect him to be her gift.

After all, didn’t Santa deliver shiny new gifts?

🎄Christmas Secrets
What’s a Christmas celebration without a little family drama?

Corrine brings her boyfriend, James, home for the first time. Corrine knows her family has its issues, and at Christmas, the issues are on full display.

With James home with her, the drama seems to be in overdrive.

But doesn’t everyone have a relative who drowns their pity in the eggnog? Or have a past romance that tries to rekindle itself? What about an unknown family member who makes themselves known during the holidays?

No, not everyone?

Whatever her family drama, Corrine navigates the day with her boyfriend encouraging her that everyone has a little…. or a lot of family drama.

Chapter 1 Look Inside

“Going home alone sounds like anti-New Year’s Eve to me. Either way, I’d hate for all this good liquor to go to waste.”

“Right.” She nodded. “I could use a good kiss tonight.” She placed her empty martini glass down and added, “At the very least.” We both stood glaring over the crowd before we decided to join the white boys on the dance floor.
As we joined a few of our colleagues doing the cha-cha slide, I watched as Ben stayed on the outskirts of the dance floor. He was acting just as he did at work, an observer, participating only when necessary. As he stood nearby with his phone in his hand, I couldn’t tell if he was scrolling social media or looking over work emails. His face was equally disinterested.

As I slid to the right, I continued watching Ben, and oddly, he was sexier tonight than he was in the office. His dark skin was a stark contrast to the guys trying to keep up with us on the dance floor. And as he held his phone in front of him, the way his bicep flexed in his fitted suit reminded me that he left every day during the lunch hour to work out.

When his eyes connected with mine, it was time for me to crisscross, breaking our eye contact. Gabby and I danced through a few more line dances before I suggested we hit the bar again; it was time for drink number four. But Gabby was caught by Jim from accounting just as I tried to signal her to exit the dance floor.

I grinned at her and wriggled my eyebrows as I left her alone with Jim. I walked to the bar and ordered another martini. Kathy, who I saw occasionally in the office, was seated in front of the bar with a huge grin. “Hey, Kathy,” I said as I took a sip of my martini. “You okay?” I asked.

Her eyes were glossy like she had been sitting there for a while, although I hadn’t seen her there earlier.

She giggled. “I’m good, how are you…” She paused, and I considered she didn’t remember my name. “Gabby, how are you Gabby?” I rolled my eyes because although Gabby was also black, we didn’t look anything alike. Gabby was modelesque, with long legs and a slender body. I wasn’t short, but much shorter than her and I had curves.

“It’s Kayla,” I said with a tight grin. Kathy’s hand shot to her mouth as she started to apologize. I shook my head and mumbled, “Don’t worry about it,” before taking my drink and walking away.

The balcony was open, and although the chill of the night was on some serious arctic vibes I stepped outside, and thankfully the heaters made it comfortable enough. I looked out over the nearby buildings. If I craned my neck just right, I could see our office building in the distance. The street down below was bustling with people, likely bar hopping for New Year’s.

I sat looking out over the view until I heard the crowd counting down, “Ten, nine…” I walked back into the ballroom and joined the countdown. When we yelled, “Happy New Year,” I watched my co-workers who had dates exchange kisses, and I envied the moment. I walked back to the bar to grab my last martini before heading to a room I reserved in the hotel. I didn’t see Gabby as I downed the drink, but my vision wasn’t exactly perfect either. I wasn’t stumbling when I walked, but it was definitely time to get to my room before I made a fool of myself.

I poked my finger to the elevator and waited for the doors to open. When they did, I saw Ben standing in the corner. “Hey,” I mumbled.

Continue reading in A Kiss at Midnight.

“I hate another year has gone by without a kiss at midnight.” She sighed.

I didn’t respond. Instead, I did the unthinkable. I grabbed the nape of her neck and pulled her into me. When she didn’t pull away, I leaned into her mouth and tasted her lips. My fingers combed through her straight hair and I felt her body melt into mine. I knew I should have pulled away after my lips touched hers, but I felt her lips part, and I pushed my tongue into her mouth causing my dick to take notice when she pulled me by the waist.

Soon I had her backed into the other corner of the elevator and my hand around her thigh pulling her closer to me.

Then the doors opened on our floor and we separated long enough to exit the elevator. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my room key when she reached for my hand and led me down the hallway.

We didn’t speak another word until after her door was opened and her clutch thrown to the floor. “Are you sure?” I asked as her hands reached for my pants, and down went my zipper.

She laughed but didn’t respond.

I placed my hands on top of hers and asked again, “Kayla, you sure?” She nodded her head and I said, “I need to hear it.”

“Yes, Ben. I’m sure.”

That’s all I needed to hear.

Continue reading in A Kiss at Midnight.  

eBooks included in Bundle:

☑️ A Kiss at Midnight  

☑️ Boyfriend for Christmas 

☑️ Christmas Secrets  

What are readers saying? 

"The chemistry between Ben and Kayla was off the chain. Kayla had a valid point about keeping things a secret but once love arrives it's nearly impossible."

"Absolutely loved this story, it was the right amount of everything and of course it’s a J. Nicole book so it was very good read."

"This book had all of my favorites black love, funny moments, and an exciting story. I am not usually into novellas but the author was able to build the characters with few words. Great love story."

"I truly enjoyed this read. Kai is super relatable and Noah is very sweet. I liked their dynamic. Plus I loved the pacing of the story; it was calm with exciting and sultry elements. This was just the right kind of read for the season."

"This book will get you in the holiday spirit and fill your heart with joy. Yesss!"

"I truly love these stories especially with children in them. Old friends coming together and finding what they may have missed also makes for a good read."

"This is a fun read filled with humor. Enjoyed reading to see how this holiday unfolded!! It did not disappoint."

"It certainly kept my attention to the end."

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