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J. Nichole

I Wanted to Forget You: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

I Wanted to Forget You: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

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He was the last person she ever wanted to see.

Especially not on a Monday morning. But when Harmony walked into the corner office, he was on the other side of the desk.

Still sexy, still witty — but still the last man on earth she wanted to be around. It had been years since they saw each other, but he was unforgettable.

She thought she was too.

Except, when he spoke, it was like they had never met. It was like he forgot the last time they saw each other, years before, didn't involve a shouting match.

Could the long nights in the office be just what they need to forget they hate each other?

“I hope you aren’t like this with every client.”

She looked up above her head before she responded, “Of course not, that pure honesty is reserved for only you.”

“For only me,” I repeated. “I don’t know if I should be honored or offended.” She shrugged. “You know…” I shifted in my seat and looked at the closed door. Any minute, Simone would pop in to let me know I had to move to the conference room, but I decided to tell Harmony, “I’m a little closed off, I wouldn’t call myself self-centered though.” I thought about the reason I had started HealthScare in the first place and all the hours, sacrifices I had made because of it. I could have easily been at a Fortune 500 company making a respectable salary, but instead, I decided to pursue the goal of creating the software—because of helping other people.

I wanted to tell her all that but decided to keep it to myself. “I’ll call your company, and I hope you’ll return to finish testing.” My eyes were on her because I wanted to see how she would respond.

But like the overly confident person she was, she nodded and stood from her seat. “I’ll be waiting on their guidance.” Without a smile, she walked out of my office, and I knew I’d spend the rest of the day and night thinking about her.

What are readers saying? 

"Bravo J. Nichole! I love it. Nova and Harmony had a sheer hate for one another that originated back in college, continued once they were brought together by work, then hate slowly disappeared as personal intimacy collided with professionalism. Nova and Harmony are headed to their FOREVERMORE!" 

"Harmony and Nova was a cute couple that I enjoyed reading about. They took a chance on love and found out in the end love wins." 

"This was my first novel by this author and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the character development and the play with technology. Nova is the man! I'm a fan! Great read!"

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