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J. Nichole

Never Him

Never Him

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First impressions are everything.

When Lisa met Nick, he showed her the definition of an asshole. There was no way he would ever be someone she’d date, especially not after he thought she was the one who should apologize to him.

But when their paths crossed again, and again, she realized maybe he wasn’t that bad after all.

Or maybe it was his dimples that caught her off guard.

Can Lisa and Nick move on from their first impressions of each other? Is it possible to fall for the guy you despise?

 “Chemistry?” The two of them were so desperate to bring me over to the married side that they were fabricating thoughts. “If chemistry included fire spewing from my mouth at the thought of him.” I thought about how nearly a year ago I wanted so badly to be married. But things had changed, I was content with being single, enjoying life, doing all the things I had been missing out on over the years. “I can be cordial as I was at the wedding, but that’s all Boris’ favorite cousin will get from me.”

Anaya sat back on the couch and said, “You never did tell us what the hell happened with y’all.”

I took a deep breath and shook my head. “I told you we met during my Poconos trip. I booked a suite, checked in, walked to the room and inserted my key and walked in on Nick.” I felt my blood pressure rising as I recalled how I found him. “I announced myself when I heard sounds coming from inside the room.”

“Wait, so he was in your room, and fucking? But how?”


What are readers saying? 

"I loved this story and the love progression with Nick and Lisa. This is definitely one of my new favorites to re-read."

"This was a beautiful love story. It had me from the first page. Even though it wasn't a 500 page book it was sort and sweet and didn't lack on the details. For anyone wanting a short read of love; this is the story to read."

"I love friends to lovers but this enemies to lovers is my first and I recommend this book."


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