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J. Nichole

The Dupree Boys Bundle

The Dupree Boys Bundle

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Promise Spoken

In The Dupree nightclub, sexy ass women come a dime a dozen. It will take more than that to catch Devon’s attention.

Especially, if he is going to fulfill his promise to his dying mother to settle down. He needs a woman who will challenge his wit.

Michelle is as witty as she is sexy, and she has all of Devon’s attention. Or so she thinks.

Promise Made

Kyle Dupree is a hard worker — in his hard hat and steel-toe boots. With the women in his life, he’s not looking for anything he has to put work into. He doesn’t want a commitment.

Harper Dawson is an overachiever in life and love. She goes after exactly what she wants — proving to everyone, including her parents, that she is her own woman.

When the two meet, there is an attraction — until Kyle realizes Harper is his client’s daughter — then he’s hands-off.

There is one commitment to one woman that Kyle must keep — and that’s to his dying mother. He promised her he’d find a wife, and Harper is the type of woman to make his mother proud.

Promise Kept

Parker met Bailey Monroe in Hawaii, and he wanted her to fly out to London, Bali, and Dubai too.

There was just one problem, he was a traveling artist, a nomad of sorts. And she was not.

She had a business to run, a life to maintain.

He couldn’t stay, and she couldn’t go. Is their love strong enough to cross seas, and time zones?

A Christmas Promise

A few weeks before Christmas Raven is tasked with planning the Dupree family Christmas dinner.

It's not only a challenge because she has a million things on her plate - but because it's only a few weeks before Christmas. And what chef will be available and willing to accommodate?

Maybe one who is like her, lonely on Christmas.

Don't miss out on this highly-rated series. Bundle all four books today and save.

About this eBook bundle: 

This bundle includes all FOUR books in the Dupree Boys series: 

☑️ Promise Spoken 

☑️ Promise Made 

☑️ Promise Kept 

☑️ A Christmas Promise 

What are readers saying? 

"The Dupree boys are about to shake things up!" 

"This book caught my attention and kept it. "

"This is a great series, if you haven't indulged in it you should."

"Where do I start? Kyle was it for me!! I love him!!" 

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