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J. Nichole

Yours for Now: Greetings from Tuckerville Book 2

Yours for Now: Greetings from Tuckerville Book 2

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In a small town, everybody's business, is everybody's business -- including who you are sleeping with.

For Shay, that's a problem because relationships are out of the question for her. She's too busy running her hair salon and taking care of her sick mother to have a blossoming relationship.

But she still has needs.

Avery is willing to fulfill her needs because he isn't looking for a relationship. He lost the one woman in his life who had his entire heart. He isn't willing to face loss like that again.

But with the town talking, can they deny their true feelings for each other?

 “Pulling out the heat tonight,” I told him as I approached. “What am I supposed to do with all of this?”

His hand went to my thigh, between the slit, as he said, “I have a few things in mind for after dinner.” He kissed alongside my neck. “Don’t worry, if you are good, there’ll be dessert.” My pussy damn near purred when his hand landed on my lace panties. I had to straighten my back and lean away from him, or I’d be skipping the last meal on the island.

“Better get moving,” I told him.

I committed the night to memory—his outfit, the ambiance of the restaurant, the taste of the red wine, and every word we shared.

I should not have asked, “What will we do when we get back to Tuckerville?” though, because his response dampened the mood.

The nonchalant, “We’ll return to what we were doing before we left, right? Nothing more, nothing less. Secret safe between us.” Then he cocked his head. “Well, Lexi and Ivan too.” He smirked.

“Hmph, yeah. I guess so,” I told him, but there was something inside of me that had me feeling as salty as the seawater. I knew that’s what I had to offer, but had he countered with something different, would I have been willing to compromise? Find the time for what I wanted?

What are readers saying? 

"Though I was close to tears through most of this read I loved the roller coaster ride between Shay and Avery."

"I really enjoyed Shay and Avery's story. It totally made sense and wasn't just a sappy romance the roller coaster was a great ride I laughed with them 🤣 and oh how I cried. Ms. Lee was a pistol. This is the 1st book I've read by J. Nichole but it sure won't be the last."

"I loved this book. I really liked the small town dynamics because I live in a small town just like Tuckerville, maybe even smaller. The fact that the main characters were black professionals made my enjoyment even better."

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